Memory Management in C

mmm, segmentation fault?

Program's memory Layout

Dynamic Memory Allocation

The process of allocating memory space at runtime.

C offers a set of functions for dynamic memory allocation.

- malloc    // allocates size bytes of memory and returns a pointer to the allocated memory
- realloc   // tries to change the size of the allocation pointed to by ptr to size
- calloc    // allocates the specified number of bytes and initializes them to zero
- free      // releases the specified block of memory back to the system

Tip: Use the man command to get details on each function

Pointers, let's say ...

char *p; // 4 consecutive bytes in memory for the p variable

char *p = NULL;
strcpy(p, "Hello");

// Result
Segmentation Fault. Worse yet, the copy may actually succeed.

Trying to copy the string "Hello" into location 0 (NULL) results in a run-time Bus Error and a program crash.

Source Code: no-malloc.c

Proper memory allocation

We can use malloc or calloc to request a pointer to a block of memory. Run man on both functions for details.

char *q = NULL;
// Memory allocation
q = (char *)malloc(strlen("Goodbye")+1);

// Copying string to memory
strcpy(q, "Goodbye");

printf("%s\n", q);

Source Code: malloc.c

Successful allocation?

char *q = NULL;

q = (char *)malloc(strlen("Goodbye")+1);

// Proper allocate validation
if (!q) {
    perror("Failed to allocate space because");

Source Code: malloc2.c

Now, scope in memory allocation

Local variables are destroyed when their enclosing function terminates. Run the following code and verify the output.

Open the source code link to verify the foo function.

char *a = NULL;
char *b = NULL;

a = foo("Hi there, Chris");
b = foo("Goodbye");
printf("From main: %s %s\n", a, b);

Source Code: no-free.c

The address of q is returned to main, where there is an attempt to preserve and use the strings. The result can be disastrous.

Consider this foo function version

char *foo(char *p) {
    char *q = (char *)malloc(strlen(p)+1);
    strcpy(q, p);
    printf("From foo: the string is %s\n", q);
    return q;

Is the output right? What's the difference against the no-free.c?

Source Code: no-free2.c

You should free the memory

char *a = NULL;
char *b = NULL;

a = foo("Hi there, Chris");
b = foo("Goodbye");
printf("From main: %s %s\n", a, b);

What's the output? is this the expected behaviour?

Source code: free.c

Resources and Credits

This material is generated thanks to some extracts from following resources:

  • The C Programming Language - Brian W. Kernighan
  • Memory Management - University of Malta


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